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C visa to Ukraine - documents, cost of service, terms of registration, procedure for receiving the service

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Required documents

The following papers will be required for the tour operator:

  • letter of guarantee (written on letterhead),
  • tour voucher,
  • medical insurance,
  • a bank guarantee from 20,000 euros (copy),
  • a license to carry out activities from the Ministry of Tourism (copy),
  • a certificate of registration (copy),
  • a completed application form for submission to the embassy.

The tourist visa will be issued within 14 days, with a double fee - up to 5 days. In case of refusal to issue a visa, the price of tickets and the consular fee will not be refunded.

The applicant must provide:

  • scanned copy of the first page of the citizen's passport,
  • indication of the state of visa receipt,
  • visit period (first and last dates),
  • place of arrival in the country,
  • name of the place of residence and the period of stay in it (hotel, hostel, rented accommodation),
  • postal address and phone number that will be required for the delivery of the original documents by courier.

To prepare a service invitation, it is required:

  • A petition from the organization sending the invitation,
  • Translated passport of the invited person (legally confirmed),
  • Letter of guarantee from the inviting party,
  • Documents with company stamps (copies),
  • Excerpts from the state register of legal entities and sole proprietors,
  • Extracts on financial security in a sufficient volume,
  • Papers that confirm that a foreigner has a place of residence on the territory of Ukraine,
  • An order with the seal of the company on the appointment of persons who deal with the documents of the invitee (copy),
  • Passport of the head of the inviting party (copy),
  • Passport of the citizen who is responsible for interaction with the invited party (copy),
  • Application for payment of HMS services,
  • Documents on payment of a fee for issuing an official invitation.

Business invitations are issued to foreign citizens for up to 20 days when submitting an urgent application – no more than 10 working days.

Granting a short-term visa by invitation approved in OVIR to foreigners

Tourist visa

Such visa is issued when an invitation is provided based on the program of a local tour operator. It confirms the purpose of the person's visit. According to the legislation, the issuance of a travel visa is possible for up to 90 days. It can be single, double, or multiple (also called multi).

Travel to the country on a tourist visa assumes the full responsibility of the tour operator, respectively, a bank guarantee. At the same time, the funds are used:

  • to compensate for losses incurred by a citizen of another country during his stay on the territory of Ukraine,
  • to reimburse the costs of organizing the return of a citizen to the place of residence.

The package of documents issued by a foreign travel company is not a valid basis for issuing a Ukrainian visa and customs clearance. It should be issued by a Ukrainian tour operator. Travel agents have the right to act as intermediaries of the tour operator, and in this case, a simplified procedure is used. At the same time, there is no need to prescribe a route, provide a license, as well as obtain a bank guarantee.

Other organizations that provide accompanying services do not act as a sufficient basis for a tourist visa and customs control of Ukraine. An additional basis will be the booking of air tickets, hostels, or hotels provided together with the main package of documents.

Registration of a tourist visa of Ukraine for foreign citizens is prescribed by regulatory legal acts of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the SBU, and other government agencies.

Issuance of a guest visa

To obtain a Ukrainian visa by invitation, sufficient grounds are:

  • marriage with a foreigner,
  • private visits to relatives and friends of foreigners who already have a Ukrainian residence permit,
  • continuation of the communication started in the framework of social networks.

The conditions for issuing a personal invitation are:

  1. Registration exclusively in OVIR by registration.
  2. Financial support of the inviting party in sufficient quantity.

During the stay of a foreigner on a trip, the inviting party assumes all costs. At the same time, the costs of maintenance, as well as deportation (in case of a precedent) must be paid in full within the prescribed time limits. OVIR has every right to check for the presence of such funds at the inviting person. Students, pensioners, citizens without employment, or persons on maintenance without official earnings do not have the right to act as an inviting person.

  1. Thorough verification of collective invitations.

If the inviting party requests invitations to a large number of foreign citizens (from 5 people) for a short period (up to 1 year), then each request can be considered in more detail, and may also be accompanied by a refusal. If the migration inspector decides that invitations are sent to outsiders, the foreigner will be refused permission.

  1. Invitations issued to persons from States of migration risk undergo more thorough checks.

Additional control is carried out when inviting persons who have citizenship of countries of migration risk. In this case, the intentions of the inviting party are clarified, which may lead to a refusal to provide an invitation.

Business visa

The Ukrainian Consulate issues business visas (code "01") based on a business invitation under a simplified procedure. To do this, representatives of foreign states must invite the company's letterhead on behalf of the interested organization, after which it is sent to the country of residence of the invited party.

Eurovector issues a residence permit according to the legislation of the state, as well as after careful examination of applications from candidates.