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Registration of an individual entrepreneur in Ukraine - online

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An individual entrepreneur (in many countries) is a business entity that carries out independent, systematic, at its own risk, activities for the production of products, performance of works, provision of services for profit, registered as a business entity in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. 

Who needs to register an IE in Ukraine?

IE registration is required for citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who plan to carry out economic activities (conduct business) in Ukraine. 


Who does not need to register an IE in Ukraine? IE does not need to be registered in Ukraine:

  1. Citizens of Ukraine who have performed a one-time economic operation in order to make a profit: 

- performed one-time work on the repair of equipment, machines, mechanisms, construction repairs..;

- provided a service - legal, accounting, programming, design..

- we produced a single product - a wooden, plastic, metal, paper, fabric product.

  1. Citizens of Ukraine who produced the product, performed the work, provided services on a fee-free basis.

  2. Carried out the sale of property.

  3. Foreigners and stateless persons who produce goods, perform work, provide services in accordance with international treaties and legislative acts of the country of residence.  

In other cases stipulated by international treaties and legislative acts of Ukraine.

Why should I register an IE in Ukraine for foreigners?

In Ukraine, there are a number of favorable tax conditions for foreigners and stateless persons when carrying out economic activities.

Foreigners, when registering an individual entrepreneur in Ukraine, under certain conditions, can choose a simplified taxation system of 5% of income, which is very beneficial for foreign freelancers, IT specialists.

In addition, a foreigner can carry out exchange activities, including operations with cryptocurrency on fairly favorable terms.

Why should residents of Ukraine register an IE in Ukraine?

In some cases, the legislation allows the implementation of systematic economic activity — the performance of works, the provision of services on a paid basis for the purpose of making a profit without registration of a sole proprietor / sole proprietor on the terms of conclusion of contracts of a civil nature, but in many cases the registration of an individual entrepreneur (sole proprietor) - individual entrepreneur (sole proprietor), is much more profitable, than performing economic activities without registration. Firstly, you can choose a convenient taxation system, and carry out business activities on the terms of business contracts. In this case, you will pay significantly less taxes than if you performed work, provided services on the terms of a civil contract. In addition, the buyer's responsibility for your work or services is much higher. Secondly, you can enter into contracts with large contractors, which will significantly increase your turnover.


Advantages of registering a sole proprietor/sole proprietor in Ukraine. Registration of a sole proprietor in Ukraine is one of the easiest, most accessible and convenient forms of entrepreneurial activity. And here's why:

  • the lowest tax rates for IE in Ukraine;

  • no tax on withdrawn capital;

  • it is not required to form the authorized capital and maintain corporate documents;

  • for some types of activities, you can independently submit reports;

  • if the business did not meet your expectations at the initial stages, you can very simply close it.

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