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Online registration of Charity Fund in Ukraine

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A charity fund is a foundation that carries out work on the basis of the charter, and the participants of such a charity organization should not transfer assets to the fund in order to achieve any set goals of the charity fund. Such an organization is registered for several founders or for one.

How to create a Charity fund in Ukraine

To register a charity fund, you need:

  • contact a law firm;
  • determine the direction of the charity fund's activities;
  • develop statutory documents;
  • submit a package of documents to the state registrar (the second option may be to send documents via mail or in electronic form).

Of the documents that must be submitted there are:

  • registration card (filled in) for the state registration of a legal entity;
  • the original of the decision of the founder or a special body on the establishment of a legal entity (you can also submit a notarized copy);
  • constituent documents in two copies, if submitted electronically, one copy will be enough;
  • confirmation of the registration fee (for those who submit an electronic package of documents — a settlement document with a digital signature);
  • documents that are informative in nature with confirmation of the ownership structure of the founders.

The company "LC EUROVECTOR" LLC provides services for the registration of a Charity Fund online in Ukraine in the shortest possible time. Our services consist of several stages, namely:

  • consultation and legal support of the client at all stages;
  • preparation of a package of documents for registration;
  • registration of constituent documents with authorized state authorities;
  • registration with the tax authorities, obtaining the status of non—profit, and, if necessary, the status of volunteering.

As well as registration of changes in the chartered documents of the Charity Fund, in connection with a change in the location of the Charity Fund, a change in the Director of the Charity Fund, a change in the types of activities of the Charity Fund, the name of the Charity Fund, accounting services for the activities of the Charity Fund.