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Registration of a Public Organization in Ukraine online

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A public organization is a voluntary association of people who have similar economic, social and other goals and do not have the goal of making a profit. In other words, it is a public association with the goals specifically described in the Charter and without the desire to profit from the organization. A public organization is subject to legalization in the bodies of the Ministry of Justice.

Why should I register a public organization?

EURO-VECTOR Law Company offers its online registration and consultation services. Our team will be happy to fulfill your order, because the registration of a public organization will help you:

  • work in a public organization in accordance with the labor legislation of Ukraine and have rights (for example: vacation or salary payment);

  • reach a target group of people by interests and goals;

  • clearly define the vector of the direction of the activity of the Public organization;

  • engage in educational activities, provide material and technical assistance;

  • the income or property of a public organization is not subject to distribution among its members and cannot be used for the benefit of members.

Please contact us for the implementation of the legal side of this issue!