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Visa to Ukraine - documents, cost of service, terms of registration, procedure for receiving the service

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To enter the territory of Ukraine, as in the situation with other states, it is necessary to obtain a visa. Depending on the country from which you plan to come, as well as the time and purpose, the price, type, and complexity of receipt will vary. All these aspects are prescribed in the current legislation of Ukraine.

Visa processing takes some time and requires the collection of a large number of documents. This is a troublesome matter that you need to be prepared for. Therefore, Eurovetor shares useful information for those who are just about to complete the paperwork.

What kind of visas can there be?

One of three types of visa is issued in Ukraine:

  • transit B,
  • short-term C,
  • long-term D.

A transit visa allows a foreigner to stay on Ukrainian territory for up to 5 days. It will be useful for those who are in Ukraine traveling to another country.

Short-term visas are designed to stay in the country for up to 90 days out of 180 from the first entry. A common option is for those who go on tourist trips.

Long-term visas allow you to stay in the country for more than 90 days. Usually, they are received by those who plan to study, work, or permanent residence.

Each visa has its own set of documents and sufficient grounds for its issuance. All of them are submitted with a questionnaire when applying for a visa.

What documents are required to obtain a Ukrainian travel visa?

Citizens who want to get a Ukrainian visa need to prepare, first of all, a package of documents. They are provided to the consulate. These include:

  • a questionnaire filled out and signed according to the requirements,
  • passport,
  • 2 photos in 3x4 cm format,
  • a document confirming the payment of the consular fee (except in cases when a person is exempt from it),
  • consent from a parent or guardian (when applying for a visa for a child),
  • insurance policy (or medical insurance) valid for the duration of the trip,
  • documents confirming the specified purpose of the visit.

Depending on the type of visa, the supporting documents will differ.

Transit visa

  • confirmation of transit stay (travel card with a date within 5 specified days, visa to a third country, etc.),
  • confirmation of transit transportation of cargo and passengers when entering the country by car,
  • license for international transportation.

Short-term visa

  • invitation from the host party (from friends, relatives, religious organizations, medical institutions, and others),
  • confirmation of tourist intentions,
  • other papers, individual in each specific situation.
  • Long-term visa
  • work permit,
  • invitation to internship/training,
  • an invitation from the organization with which you will interact on the territory of Ukraine,
  • a document confirming marriage with a citizen of Ukraine,
  • confirmation of belonging to the family of a person with a residence permit,
  • other papers corresponding to the purpose of the visit.

Of course, usually, the package of documents includes much more paper. Their number is determined only by the purpose of the visit, and in some cases also by other factors. In particular, this may be related to your past visits to the state and their results. There are many cases when a person is called for a personal interview at the consulate to clarify the goals.

Invitation for visa processing

To issue an invitation to a foreign citizen to further obtain a visa, several documents should be prepared:

  • application formalized according to the requirements,
  • copies of the first pages of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine,
  • for foreigners and stateless persons – copies of residence permit pages,
  • copies of the first two pages of the foreigner's passport (if it is necessary to obtain a work permit in the future – all pages),
  • a document confirming your ability to bear the costs for the presence of the invited person on the territory of Ukraine.

The collected package must be transferred to the department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

Terms of visa processing

In a normal situation, visa processing takes no more than 15 days from the submission of documents.

If verification of the submitted papers is required, the deadline may increase to 30 days.

There is also the possibility of urgent visa processing. This service is more expensive but takes less time.

Visa refusal and deportation of foreign citizens

The reasons for refusal to the person who applied for a visa are:

  • the threat of your presence to state security, as well as the security of residents of the state,
  • ban on entry into the territory of the country,
  • passport problems: damage, use of someone else's or forged documents,
  • providing false data or documents,
  • lack of a medical policy,
  • lack of sufficient funds to ensure the travel,
  • inability to confirm the purpose of the trip,
  • personal appeal for termination of consideration of the petition.

In case of refusal, you are obliged to inform about the reasons by explaining in writing. The decision can be appealed by filing an appeal. In this letter, it is necessary to indicate the reasons for reviewing the decision. If the request is granted, an additional application can be submitted. You can write a letter within 2 months after receiving the refusal.

Foreigners are facing deportation more and more often: they are simply not allowed to cross the border even with invitations. There may be several reasons for this:

  • the discrepancy between the type of visa and the purpose of the visit,
  • inability to explain the purpose of the trip,
  • ignorance of the route,
  • inability to contact the inviting travel agency.

Problems with answers to these questions often cause a ban on entry into Ukraine. Citizens arriving from countries with increased migration risk are especially seriously treated.

During the interview, audio and video recordings are made, and therefore the deportation will not be able to appeal. That is why it is important to prepare for answers to all questions before the trip. Be prepared to communicate the purpose of the visit and describe a clear plan of action during your stay in the country.

For citizens of African and Asian countries, it is worth giving up travel papers, because they cause distrust. It is better to choose a guest or work invitation, certified by the Migration Service.

Consular fee

The fee for visa processing will be as follows:

  • for a one-time visa - $ 85,
  • for a two-time visa – $ 130,
  • for a multiple-entry visa – $ 200.

When applying for an urgent visa, the cost is doubled. If a visa is refused, the money will not be refunded. If the visa fee for tourists in the country from which the foreigner arrives is more than in Ukraine, the consular fee is charged on the principle of reciprocity. Therefore, you will pay the same as a Ukrainian traveling to your country.

Such countries can be found below.

Contact Eurovector to obtain a visa

Visa processing is not an easy task, especially if long-term entry is required. To simplify your work and get rid of the need to spend time and effort on studying and collecting documents, it is better to trust specialists. They will help you to understand all aspects, correctly fill out the questionnaire and prevent deportation from the border.

The experienced lawyers of the Eurovector company will do everything so that you or your relatives and friends planning to visit Ukraine can do it without any problems. We will tell you what documents are needed in each case, how to answer questions at the interview, how to protect yourself from rejection.

We have been working for many years with foreign citizens who come to work, study, or visit, as well as for tourist purposes. Therefore, you can safely count on our help in the smallest visa issues. Do you want to get a permanent residence permit or open your own business on the territory of the state – with Eurovector you will succeed in everything!