The warranty on the services provided is 12 months

Our biggest guarantee is our strategy to provide absolutely high-quality packages of services. But nevertheless, we believe that a guarantee implies trust, and trust arises as a result of fulfilling the pre-agreed conditions. And therefore, when ordering our services, we offer to conclude an agreement with us on the provision of services, where we undertake to fulfill the agreed scope of services for the agreed fee.
What is the advantage of this approach?
You can order and pay for our services in one click right on the site from anywhere in the world: by concluding a service agreement with us, receiving a receipt for payment of our services by mail and receiving the result of the services performed anywhere in the world. It is as easy and guaranteed as buying a product in an online store. At the same time, we are responsible to the law and you for the obligations undertaken to fulfill the services ordered.

And if the service will not be provided or will be provided, but not in full or in high quality, we will return the money to you or, if possible, we will perform this service in full, in accordance with company standards and with full compensation for your loyalty.