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Online registration LLC in Ukraine

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A LLC (limited liability company) is a form of entrepreneurial activity of a legal entity that is conducted for the purpose of earning money (through the sale of goods/services or from the ownership of property). The authorized capital is divided between the founders. 

Registration of LLC in Ukraine: who needs it and what advantages  

The reasons to register in Ukraine may be the desire to scale the business, attract investors, work with large companies and the need to distribute parts. In addition, the reason may be a special type of activity of the enterprise. You can order the registration service on our website! 

The main advantages of LLC in Ukraine:

  • you can work on both the general and simplified taxation system and be a VAT payer regardless of the form;

  • the founders of the company are obliged to contribute a certain amount (or property) to the authorized capital in order to further use these assets in the course of the company's activities;

  • liability is determined only by those assets that are the property of the LLC (in other words, capital);

  • the company can be sold if something went wrong;

  • the ability to hire a director to delegate responsibilities and responsibilities;

  • more business opportunities, as companies seek to cooperate with legal entities.

Based on the above, opening a company with a PARTNER will be a good solution for those who seek to work for the long term and grow into large enterprises. Contact us for advice and registration of LLC — we will fulfill the legal side of this process!