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Виза типа D в Украине на основании регистрации (открытия) бизнеса в Украине

Если вы иностранец или лицо без гражданства, и вам необходимо получить визу D в Украине, вам крупно повезло, мы предложим вам самый простой способ сделать это. Специалисты Юридической компании «ЕВРОВЕКТОР» изучают миграцию и международное право, практикуют оказание услуг в сфере миграции с 2008 года, то есть имеют большой опыт в данных вопросах. Наши услуги состоят из двух услуг - устной консультации по получению визы D в Украине (визовая информационная поддержка) и комплекса услуг: устная консультация, подготовка документов для получения визы D в Украине*.

Первая услуга: устная консультация по получению визы D в Украине (информационная визовая поддержка):

данный сервис поможет вам разобраться нужна ли вам виза Д, какой список документов подается на визу, предоставляется информация - адрес консульского учреждения, стоимость визы Д из вашей страны, сроки получения виза в Украину, порядок въезда в Украину при наличии визы Д, порядок продления визы Д при необходимости, а также порядок обжалования отказа в получении визы. В результате консультации, если выявится потребность в визе Д, специалисты компании предложат Вам нашу вторую услугу, естественно с очень выгодной скидкой. Эксперт-юрист поможет заказать вторую услугу.


Желаем Вам достижения поставленных целей! 

Сделали пакет документов на визу за сутки. Прилетели в Черногорию по советам специалистов этой компании. Подали документы и на следующий день была готова виза. Очень рекомендую Посольства в Черногории
I want to take all d visa and go to work
Waseem Akram, In order to obtain a work category visa, you must have a work permit. If you do not have such a document, then first you need to order a consultation. The specialist will definitely find a way to achieve the goal!
Помогли сделать визу в Украину !
Помогли мне сделать Визу Д по браку. Отличные сервис.
This company really helped me to have visa D according to my situation and provide very good services
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Visa D - 04 to Ukraine on the basis of employment in a Ukrainian company

SKU CV4-05-00
Service Content
Language of consultati
The basis for obtaining a Visa to Ukraine
Name Visa type D - 04 in Ukraine on the basis of employment in a Ukrainian company: oral consultation on questions of receipt of Visa type D - 04 to Ukraine. Service code CV4-05-00
The service provides EUROVECTOR Law Firm
Service Content oral consultation on questions of receipt of Visa type D - 04 to Ukraine
The basis for obtaining a Visa to Ukraine employment in a Ukrainian company
Language of consultati Ukrainian
Answers that reveal the consultation individual features of the procedure for obtaining a D visa to Ukraine, entry to Ukraine, and obtaining a residence card on the grounds that a foreigner has
subsec. 1.1 providing oral advice on obtaining a D visa to Ukraine
subsec. 1.2 providing a list of documents required to obtain a visa to Ukraine
The term of preparation of the package of documents 30 minutes to 16 working hours, depending on the workload of specialists
Method of obtaining a prepared package of documents at the office of the company or postal service at the expense of the customer

Algorithm of service!


- selects a service;

- signs an electronic contract;

- pays for the service;

- receives a receipt of payment.

COMPANY - service and quality departments:

- receives a notification of payment;

- contacts the Customer and specifies details;

- performs services;

- verifies the quality of the services provided.


COMPANY - service delivery department:

- informs the Customer about readiness to provide the ordered services:

a) advises verbally (in the case of oral consultation);

b) send to the Customer e-mail documents confirming the performance of the services (if this is a written consultation);

c) transmits to the Customer the original documents confirming the fact of performing the services in a convenient way for the client (if the ordered service is a document (s) drawn up by the Contractor and / or legal support of certain procedures, which result in obtaining certain documents from third parties, in including, in the authorities, enterprises, organizations);

- receives from the Customer information / notification of compliance - verbal consultation, written consultation, drafted documents, depending on the order - ordered services.


COMPANY - quality department:

- clarifies with the Customer the degree of quality of the services rendered;

- rewards the Performer if the Customer has set a high service score;

- makes additions to the quality management system of the services rendered, if the Customer has determined that there is a need to improve the quality of services;

- completion of the service.

We thank you for your interest in our service and we wish you great success !!

Order and payment procedure!

  1. Make an order on the website or by phone.


  2. Fill in the order form or tell the manager the following information (surname, name, phone, e-mail, method of delivery, method of payment).
    • In case of filling in the payment form in the online store, make payment by credit card through payment systems in privat24, Google Pay, LiqPay, WayForPay.
    • In case of ordering by phone, after placing the order,you will receive a letter with an invoice for payment  to your e-mail,upon activation of which you will be able to pay for services through payment systems in privat24, Google Pay, LiqPay, WayForPay.
  3. After payment, a letter-receipt with the number of your order will be sent to your e-mail.

Dear customers, check the SPAM section because the message with the receipt can get into this section.

Delivery procedure!

  1. Delivery of the result of the performed services (written consultation) is carried out on the e-mail of the Customer.
  2. Delivery of the result of the performed services (executed documents) is carried out by:
  • Self-pickup - free of charge;
  • By mail "Nova Poshta" across Ukraine - at the rates of mai.
  • International postal service - at the rates of mai.

The order of implementation of warranty obligations!

The contractor provides warranty support for the quality of the services provided for six months from the moment they are accepted by the client in case the contractor makes a legal error or provides them with an incomplete amount of services on the client’s request. Warranty support does not apply to consultancy services on certain issues. The provision of advice is provided taking into account the accumulated professional experience of the contractor and is exclusively advisory in nature. The Contractor is not endowed with the authority to formally interpret the law, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine is vested with such authority.

Services cannot be returned, but the costs for low quality services are returned within 14 calendar days, in a convenient way for the client (in cash, on a Visa / MasterCard). If you find poor quality services, please contact the quality department of the law firm EUROVECTOR for the following contacts:

tel: +380965182838