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On-line registration of LLC - legal service for business registration in Ukraine.

Are you planning to open a LLC and don't know how to start? You are very lucky! We will easily and quickly do it for You! Our offer is very simple. You order a service, and we will provide you with this service in the shortest possible time. You do not have to spend all day searching for what we are professionals in. Euro-VECTOR specialists have been studying the specifics of opening a business in Ukraine since 2008. To get legal advice or LLC registration services, You do not need to visit our offices, all consultations on business registration you will receive remotely. In addition to the main services, you will receive additional services from the company as a gift, which will significantly affect the development of Your business, so you will save a lot of money.
Our services consist of two services - oral consultation on registration of LLC and a set of services for registration of a limited liability company.

First service-verbal legal advice-complex 1*.

Verbal legal advice will help you understand one or several issues before registering:
- which institutional-legal form of ownership (private entrepreneur , LLC, ALC, private enterprise ) you need to choose in Your case (it may be more profitable for You to choose another one, or the law prohibits you from choosing a certain form in Your case);
- how to choose the name of company ;
- what documents are required for registration of LLC;
- what are the requirements for the Founders of the company?
- what are the requirements for the authorized capital;
- what are the legal address requirements?
- what are the requirements for the Director?
- how many NACE classes can be selected.

First service-verbal legal advice-complex 2*.

This service includes everything that covered in the service - verbal legal advice-complex 1*, and additionally will help You to understand one or several of the following issues before registration: - how the model Charter differs from the individualized one;
- how to choose a tax system;
- types and rates of taxes in LLC;
- how many NACE classes can be selected;
- whether it is necessary to receive any permits or licenses .
An verbal consultation can be held by one of the following means of communication by agreement of the parties: telephone, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat. If the answers to the Customer's questions (the scope of consultation) take more time than is set in the service, the Customer will be asked to pay an additional, pre-agreed amount, which will be notified.

Second service: verbal consultation, preparation of documents and registration of a limited liability company.

This service includes everything that is included in the service «oral consultation on registration of LLC», and in addition - the registration procedure according to the ordered services. Registration can be carried out in two ways - online registration of LLC and registration by submitting documents to the authorized Registrar, depending on the selected service. Full information about the volume of services ordered is indicated in the characteristics of the selected service. Depending on the selected service package, the following services may be included:
- preliminary consultation of the Customer;
- providing a preliminary list of documents required for registration of the company;
- analysis of the Customer's documents;
- identification of the companies name;
- selection of NACE classes;
- providing a legal address for LLC registration;
- preparation of the company's Protocol;
- election of a model or drawing up an individualized Charter;
- drafting of the Constitutive Treaty;
- filling out the registration form for the company registration procedure;
- registration of the company;
- monitoring the process of registration with the Tax service, Pension Fund, Regional Statistics;
- getting an Extract from the Unified State Register;
- getting digital signatures for the company;
- registration as a payer of value added tax (VAT);
- preparation and submission of a request for obtaining a VAT payer's Extract;
- getting the VAT payer's Extract;
- registration as a single tax payer;
- preparation and submission of a request for receiving a Single tax payer’s Extract;
- getting the a Single tax payer’s Extract;
- getting the company's seal;
- preparation of the first order of the Director;
- organization of opening a Bank account;
- registration of the company's logo (trademark) and other services.
Gifts from the company You can get:
- recommendations of the Chief accountant of EURO-VECTOR” on the main measures that need to be organized for accounting after the company's registration;
- recommendations (instructions) of EURO-VECTOR leading lawyers on the main activities to be organized after registration of the LLC;
This service is for people who do not have time for adventures during registration process, we will do 95% of everything for you. Preparation of documents takes from one working day, after which we will register the LLC according to the selected package. And after conducting a full range of services, we will send a ready-made package of documents to a convenient address for the Customer. Execution of the service by professionals of law firm EURO-VECTOR provides legal accuracy and absolute confidence for You in the course of business activities.
If you did not find in the product characteristics any service necessary for your business, you can select additional items using the appropriate filters on the
On-line registration of individuals - private entrepreneurs in Ukraine page.
If You do not know which tax system, seal, number of NACE classes you need to choose, or you are in doubt about the correct choice of services, then click on the blue button in the lower right corner, and our legal experts will help you order the necessary set of services.


Choosing this service, you bring your triumph much closer!

No one is sure whether he will succeed in becoming a successful business woman or businessman, perhaps this is not yours. But if you feel that you can do it, do not doubt, try it! Give yourself a chance to be happy, successful and rich, do everything in your power, turn your ideas into your favorite business, add your originality to them and show yourself to this world! And then you will feel your triumph, and also the pleasure of life - every day! Because a person who has turned himself and his dream into reality will remember this every day - all his life!


Make yourself happier right now with us!
law firm EURO-VECTOR


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On-line registration of individual entrepreneur in Ukraine, first service - oral legal advice - complex 1*, service code А2-36-07-00

SKU А2-36-07-00
Service Content
Language of consultation
Registration and obtaining an Tax ID

If you do not have a tax number or a mark in your passport about the right to make any payments according to the series and passport number, then before registering an individual entrepreneur, you need to obtain a tax number. Our specialists can provide such a service to citizens of Ukraine who do not have a place of registration (registration) in Ukraine, or to foreigners or stateless persons in any status.

Choose a tax system

Basic rates of taxes on profit or income of business entities:

single tax - 5% on income (income - funds received from sales);
single tax - 3% on income and 20% VAT (VAT - value added tax);
single tax (farm) - 0.19 - 6.33% of the cost of 1 ha;
general system - 18% of profit (profit = income-expense);
general system - 18% on profit and 20% VAT.

Choose a tax system

Basic rates of taxes on profit or on income of business entities:
the first group of a single tax - 22.7 - 227 UAH per month;
the second group of the single tax - UAH 1200 per month;
the third group is a single tax - 5% of income (income - funds received from sales);
the third group is a single tax - 3% of income and 20% VAT (VAT - value added tax);
the fourth group of a single tax (farm) - 0.19 - 6.33% of the cost of 1 ha;

general system - 18% of profit (profit = income-expense);
general system - 18% of profit and 20% VAT.

Obtaining an Extract from a Single Tax Payers Register

If you have chosen a single tax (EP), then to confirm the status of the EP payer to contractors (buyers or sellers of works, goods or services) you can get an EP Payer's Statement. We recommend ordering the request, submitting it to the state authorities and obtaining an extract with the help of our lawyers.

Extract from the register of VAT payers

If you have chosen the VAT taxation system, you can receive a VATpayer's Statement to confirm the status of a VAT payer to contractors (buyers or sellers of works, goods or services). We recommend ordering the request, submitting it to the state authorities and obtaining an extract with the help of our lawyers.

Legal address

One of the requirments of individual entrepreneur registration is that an individual has a registered place of residence. The address of this place after the registration of entrepreneur acquires the status of a legal address of a business entity. If you do not have a registered place of residence, then you can order this service from us.

List of settlements where the service is provided: Kyiv¹ , Vinnytsia, Lutsk, Dnipro, Avdiivka, Zhytomyr , Uzhhorod, Zaporizhzhia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kropyvnytskyi, Вilovodsk, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Poltava, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnytska, Cherkasy, Chernivtsі
The service provides EURO-VECTOR Law Firm
Form of relationships

Public Accession Treaty for the provision of services

on contractual terms
Language of consultation Ukrainian
Citizenship resident and citizen of Ukraine
Service Content first service - oral legal advice - complex 1 *

Algorithm of service!


- selects a service;

- signs an electronic contract;

- pays for the service;

- receives a receipt of payment.

COMPANY - service and quality departments:

- receives a notification of payment;

- contacts the Customer and specifies details;

- performs services;

- verifies the quality of the services provided.


COMPANY - service delivery department:

- informs the Customer about readiness to provide the ordered services:

a) advises verbally (in the case of oral consultation);

b) send to the Customer e-mail documents confirming the performance of the services (if this is a written consultation);

c) transmits to the Customer the original documents confirming the fact of performing the services in a convenient way for the client (if the ordered service is a document (s) drawn up by the Contractor and / or legal support of certain procedures, which result in obtaining certain documents from third parties, in including, in the authorities, enterprises, organizations);

- receives from the Customer information / notification of compliance - verbal consultation, written consultation, drafted documents, depending on the order - ordered services.


COMPANY - quality department:

- clarifies with the Customer the degree of quality of the services rendered;

- rewards the Performer if the Customer has set a high service score;

- makes additions to the quality management system of the services rendered, if the Customer has determined that there is a need to improve the quality of services;

- completion of the service.

We thank you for your interest in our service and we wish you great success !!

Order and payment procedure!

  1. Make an order on the website or by phone.


  2. Fill in the order form or tell the manager the following information (surname, name, phone, e-mail, method of delivery, method of payment).
    • In case of filling in the payment form in the online store, make payment by credit card through payment systems in privat24, Google Pay, LiqPay, WayForPay.
    • In case of ordering by phone, after placing the order,you will receive a letter with an invoice for payment  to your e-mail,upon activation of which you will be able to pay for services through payment systems in privat24, Google Pay, LiqPay, WayForPay.
  3. After payment, a letter-receipt with the number of your order will be sent to your e-mail.

Dear customers, check the SPAM section because the message with the receipt can get into this section.

Delivery procedure!

  1. Delivery of the result of the performed services (written consultation) is carried out on the e-mail of the Customer.
  2. Delivery of the result of the performed services (executed documents) is carried out by:
  • Self-pickup - free of charge;
  • By mail "Nova Poshta" across Ukraine - at the rates of mai.
  • International postal service - at the rates of mai.

The order of implementation of warranty obligations!

The contractor provides warranty support for the quality of the services provided for six months from the moment they are accepted by the client in case the contractor makes a legal error or provides them with an incomplete amount of services on the client’s request. Warranty support does not apply to consultancy services on certain issues. The provision of advice is provided taking into account the accumulated professional experience of the contractor and is exclusively advisory in nature. The Contractor is not endowed with the authority to formally interpret the law, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine is vested with such authority.

Services cannot be returned, but the costs for low quality services are returned within 14 calendar days, in a convenient way for the client (in cash, on a Visa / MasterCard). If you find poor quality services, please contact the quality department of the law firm EUROVECTOR for the following contacts:

tel: +380965182838